Producing energy from waste treatment

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Watch: What will South Africa look like by 2030?

Watch: What will South Africa look like by 2030?

Given the past twenty years of democracy, many in South Africa are asking: what will come next?

How will the country continue to grow and develop in an inclusive way, especially in the face of large-scale urbanisation and the slowing of economic growth?  As reflected by the Minister of Economic Development, truly “infrastructure is the catalyst that can change this country.”  Continued…

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Can preparing for Climate Change have social benefits?

Can preparing for Climate Change have social benefits?

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Kristian Foreman, founder of Zones Urbaines Sensibles, led the build up to Department of Design’s “Preparing for Climate Change” workshop with a lecture on integrating the environmental,social and economic agenda when investments are made to prepare for Climate Change. He was joined by and Anton Cartwright, green economy Mistra Urban Futures…

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Voices of the City: Lola Adefope

Voices of the City: Lola Adefope

Voices of the City is a new, weekly feature that spotlights the everyday lives of our citizens, living and working in cities. By asking the same five questions to all our interviewees, we discover not only how our experiences of differ, but also what we share. It is a daunting task to try and capture the diverse experiences of our city’s inhabitants, but we feel that it is a worthy, and…

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Cape Town’s rich collection of street art has won the attention of both locals and foreigners with features in publications such as the BBC News and France24.

One artist, Grant Jurius, has harnessed this interest and has begun a tour initiative called The Street is the Gallery. Mr Jurius gives tours of two thriving hubs of street art: Woodstock and Mitchells Plain. His work is part business, part community upliftment:

“The tours are about giving insight into communities in our city via street art and graffiti. Cape Flats and coloured culture are for the most part misunderstood and we look a little bit at how the art reflects and is affected by the surroundings and the laws in place, be it by the city or street values.”

During our tour, Future Cape Town learned that many of the works one sees, especially in Woodstock, are a result of collaborations between local and international artists. In 2011, A Word of Art, an artist residency program, collaborated with the apparel company adidas to bring in 13 artists, both local and international, to paint large scale public art projects throughout the city of Cape Town.  This project, called “i Art Cape Town,” stimulated further works to be commissioned and painted on the residential buildings of the largely Muslim and Cape coloured community.

During the tour with Mr. Jurius, one man approached us and recommended his favorite mural on a different street, showing his pride that these artworks were in his community. More collaborative processes should happen among artists and citizens, which would lead to the beautification and renewal of urban spaces. This would truly fulfill the mission of World Design Capital 2014 to use design for real change. As the Cape Town’s designation reaches its six-month halfway mark, it would be inspiring to see similar projects realized.

Grant Jurius is the founding member of the Burning Museum Collective, a group of five individuals who perform site-specific interventions with wheat pastes of photos of former residents of District Six and other areas of forced removals. All five members come from areas that these residents were moved to, such as Bellvile, Grassy Park, the Northern Suburbs, and Elsis River. Their work is a point of self-reflection and an exploration of where they come from. 

For more information on The Street is the Gallery, click here. 

For more information on the Burning Museum Collective, click here.

Local artist Grant Jurius leads community initiative showcasing street art in Woodstock Cape Town’s rich collection of street art has won the attention of both locals and foreigners with features in publications such as the…

Real-life development through serious gaming

Real-life development through serious gaming

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Marcus Vlaar, creative director of Ranj Serious Games, wrapped up our Serious Games session. He explained that the use of gaming is in one’s ability to arrive at new solutions (but also to reveal new problems) that one may not have arrived at from more traditional methods of thinking. The objective of serious games is thus to make illusions so realistic that they encourage creative strategies…

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What green roof incentives and policies are international cities using? :Part 2

What green roof incentives and policies are international cities using? :Part 2

The previous part of the SERIOUS ABOUT GREEN ROOFS series focused on tying together the basic arguments around green roofs and their policies and incentives. Now that you know what it all means we can move on to the interesting part! In order to conduct my research I did extensive literature, document and policy reviews on the chosen case studies. Once this was done I had a chat with a green roof…

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Serious Games for urban planning

Serious Games for urban planning

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Tygron, a company that creates serious games for urban development, hosted part of the Serious Gaming workshop. Tygron’s products were created out of a need for city planners to be able to conceptualise development initiatives before they are put into policy.

The game they introduced integrates a Sims-like gaming platform with real-life indicators taken from GIS information systems and city…

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Highlights from Dallas’ World Cities Summit

The economic fate of the planet equals the fate of our cities. -Geoffrey West Check out the highlights from this year’s New Cities Summit held in Dallas, Texas. 

Using games to re-imagine Khayelitsha’s central business district

Using games to re-imagine Khayelitsha’s central business district

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The subject of focus for the Play the City workshop was the central business district of Khayelitsha, South Africa’s second largest township. Khayelitsha represents a unique case due to its virtual lack of urban planning, public amenities or a city centre.

Despite over 400,000 people living within its borders, the district faces resource shortages, a lack of formal businesses and a severe…

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