Lagos Wide and Close - An Interactive Journey into an Exploding City

Lagos Wide and Close – An Interactive Journey into an Exploding City

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By Olamide Udoma

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I have just been introduced to a sensory exploration of Lagos that uses various perspectives to explore the multi faceted city. This interactive documentary is based on the Lagos research project by Rem Koolhaas and The Harvard Project.

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10 Must-See events at OPEN DESIGN 2014

10 Must-See events at OPEN DESIGN 2014

The second edition of OPEN DESIGN Cape Town will kicks off tomorrow and takes place from 13 – 23 August 2014. It is an annual cross-disciplinary city-wide event. It creates an educational, informative, inclusive, collaborative platform for the people of Cape Town to use design and its numerous disciplines to openly share their design with each other. OPEN DESIGN Cape Town raises awareness of and…

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Architecture Open Studios 2014

Architecture Open Studios 2014

Final Model

Tuesday 19 August
  • Eco Design Architects (5-9pm)
  • Gabriel Fagan Architects (5-8pm)
  • Greg Wright Architects (4-6pm)
  • KMH Architects (5-8pm)
  • Kotlowitz Marais Architects (5-8pm)|
  • Metropolis Design Architects (6-9pm)
  • MWP Architects (5-9pm)
  • VDMMA (4-6pm)
  • Dick Crane Architects (Stellenbosch)
Wednesday 20 August
  • dhk architects (4-7pm)
  • Revel Fox (4-7pm)
  • Stauch Foster (5-7pm)
  • SAOTA (5-8pm)
  • Meyer &…

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Participating in planning our cities: Our next #CityTalk

Participating in planning our cities: Our next #CityTalk

Your City Idea on Church Square 17 May 2013. Photo by Marshall Viljoen

Your City Idea on Church Square 17 May 2013. Photo by Marshall Viljoen

by Alejandro Echeverria of This Big City

Often city development in its many forms is seen as top down job exclusively done by professionals in many fields such as infrastructure, policy, architecture, etc. However, lesser known and increasing in practice, are those processes that make the citizen the expert and main agent of…

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Last year, The City of Cape Town launched art54, a public art program that offers artists the unique opportunity to install and display their work along the stunning and well-frequented landscape of the Sea Point Promenade. This year’s call for proposal  saw roughly 120 submissions, with 11 artists selected.

One of the artists, Andre Carl, conceptualized an installation, entitled Rhinosaur, that speaks to the fragility of the rhino population in Sub-sharan Africa. He took the time to speak to Future Cape Town about the evolution of his work and its powerful message.

Image through the viewfinder of Andre Carl's installation on the Sea Point Promenade (photo courtesy of Anna Brown)

Looking through the viewfinder of the installation, which, creates the sense that the viewer is looking through the crosshairs of a rifle (photo courtesy of Anna Brown)

Anna Brown: What is the concept behind this piece?

Andre Carl:  The installation takes the idea of a three dimensional animal, and when you look through the viewing platform, it becomes a one dimensional image. It centers around this idea that the three dimensional animal may be lost due to poaching, and a flat, one dimensional image may be the only way that we remember the rhino.

The viewer of the installation approaches the viewing platform on a ramp where they see the statistics of the last ten years of rhino slaughter, which show how exponential the growth has been in poaching. On the flat part of the viewing platform we’ve got the months of the year, and next year we will be updating the poaching statistics of each month. If we updated this part of the sculpture on a monthly basis, it shows people that this is an ongoing present problem. The idea is that these statistics are not to be viewed as history.

AB: How did you get involved in this cause?

AC: I love expedition travel in South Africa. I think the biggest luxury in the world is to be in a space where there is no people. I love to see wildlife in their natural environment. We are lucky in Southern Africa because there are still a lot of places like that, where you can engage in wildlife.

We are highlighting and recognizing the rhino because it is an iconic species, but thousands of species go extinct on a yearly basis, probably even more important to the sustainability of the planet than the rhino is. But its interesting to note, or rather to observe, that if somebody cannot care about a rhino, how are they going to care about a lizard or an insect?

AB: How did this project begin and evolve?

AC: First of all, I created the concept for this installation, but a lot of people have helped with this project and are involved. An architect named Anton de Kock used a computer program to create the layout. A friend of mine with a truck and staff built the initial sculpture, which was made out of timber for AfrikaBurn. That one was made out of laminated wood, so that when it burned it created this beautiful outline.

Now, the project that was accepted for art54 is not completely funded, so my good friend had to underwrite the metal sculpture for R160,000. He told me not to worry, and that we would find someone who would want to buy the sculpture. Luckily, Woolworths bought the sculpture. They recognized that it was a great opportunity to have great presence in an amazing public space.

AB: How is the outreach of the piece on the Sea Point Promenade different than that of AfrikaBurn?

AC: The work is is much more important where it is now. At AfrikaBurn, you are preaching to the converted. Now we are engaging thousands of people from all different backgrounds. Even while we were busy setting it up, there was a queue of people waiting to see the sculpture on the platform.


For more information on art54, visit the project’s site here.

Future Cape Town’s past coverage of art54: 

An art gallery for all? Signature public art project launches on the Sea Point Promenade


New public art in Sea Point: A Rhino in the City Last year, The City of Cape Town launched art54, a public art program that offers artists the unique opportunity to install and display their work along the stunning and well-frequented landscape of the Sea Point Promenade.

Cake and Climate Change

In this interesting Tedxamsterdam video,Dr. Joyeeta Gupta makes a comparison between chocolate pie and charcoal. In her talk Gupta emphasizes that climate change is a complex matter and that a solution isn’t an easy one.

Cape Town public transport extends to Table Mountain

Cape Town public transport extends to Table Mountain

With a very busy first semester, Transport for Cape Town made its latest addition to the MyCiTi bus system with the 110 – Table Mountain feeder route. This route will connect the Table Mountain Aerial  Cableway station with the rest of the MyCiTi BRT route network via the 106/107 Silo – Civic Centre – Camps Bay routes.

It may be the shortest route, but probably the most requested route from…

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R1 million public art competition launched

R1 million public art competition launched

Where the public art installation will be constructed

Where the public art installation will be constructed

In celebration of Cape Town being the World Design Capital for 2014, the Western Cape Government has launched a competition for a permanent installation of artwork.  The theme for the competition is “20 years of Freedom and Democracy”, incorporating the “Live Design, Transform Life” mantra of the 2014 World Design Capital.

By creating such a…

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Using technology to conceptualise the future of Wingfield

Using technology to conceptualise the future of Wingfield

department of design logo medium

dasuda i

The Dutch Consulate’s initiative to interact with a wide range of local professionals in all fields of design in Cape Town and beyond culminated in the specially prepared Department of Design. This event gave the Dutch Alliance for Sustainable Urban Development in Africa (DASUDA) the opportunity to demonstrate our interactive digital urban design tools and present the case study we have been…

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Cape Town Bus Rapid Transit system extends services to Khayelitsha

Cape Town Bus Rapid Transit system extends services to Khayelitsha

On 5 July 2014, Transport for Cape Town probably initiated the most difficult route(s) it will ever launch on its bus rapid transport system. These two routes extends the award winning MyCiTi BRT system to Khayelitsha and Mitchell’s Plain where it would play an interim role to ‘top up’ public transport services to these areas. The City has started these routes to provide alternatives for the…

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