Flood Management and Governance Structures

Flood Management and Governance Structures

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By Lookman Oshodi


Flood is a natural hazard that makes no distinction in the status of any society in the world. Its occurrence in different parts of the world has shown that it is a global phenomenon that does not ostracize any community. Few examples of major floods are in Jakarta, Indonesia (January, 2013), Manila, Republic of the Philippines (August 2012), Black Sea Region of Southern…

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Art for All?#CityTalk


Public Art in our cities has the ability to improve what’s left between buildings. Transitional,derelict or unplanned spaces are given a new life through graffiti or street art. As the user of a city, your everyday commute can become a pleasant experience through art.  Street art vs galleries? Regulated or sponsored art vs Graffiti? Tensions exist between the way art should be viewed,…

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Metropolist This Week: Township Innovations

Metropolist This Week: Township Innovations

metropolist whiteYenza, a recognised World Design Capital 2014 project, aims to broaden the context of South African design through showcasing  self-made objects. The pieces are mainly fashioned from items found in self-made South African homes, as a matter of necessity. The Yenza  team includes Lucie de Moyencourt ( architect and painter), Renee Rossouw (architect), Kara Furter (stylist ), and Charl Edwards (…

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Metropolist This Week: Yenza

Metropolist This Week: Yenza

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Yenza, the Xhosa and Zulu word for “do” or “make”, is a U.S. charitable organization which runs various community, media, technology and empowerment projects in Africa, primarily in South Africa. They seek to strengthen the ability of Africans to improve their world by promoting the exchange of ideas, developing understanding and creating meaningful human connections between the African people…

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Photo Diary: Infecting The City 2014

Photo Diary: Infecting The City 2014

Infecting The City public arts festival took place throughout Cape Town’s CBD between 10 and 15 March 2014. On the last day of the festival I made my way to Thibault Square to watch Dance Nation which brings together contrasting dance styles in one unique performance.Here are some photos of the the magic that took place just before the crowd and dancers started doing  the electric side together.

photo6photo5photo4 (1)photo2 (2)photo3 (3)photo8photo6 (1)photo7 (1)photo3 (2)photo2 (1)

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The Cities This Week: Edition 58

TAIPEI  “Hundreds of students have stormed the Taiwanese government’s headquarters in protest at a deal that will bring closer trade ties with China. 

Mandela’s built legacy and a new dawn for african architecture

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by Lesley Lokko

As the spotlight falls on Africa following the death of Nelson Mandela, a timely exhibition on the continent’s built environment gives cause for hope.

Last month in Munich, a group of architects, activists and academics met to talk about African architecture under the rubric of ‘building social change’. On Friday 6 December, the world woke to the news that Nelson Mandela had…

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Thesis Thursday: Shards of an Industrial Past

Thesis Thursday: Shards of an Industrial Past

Thesis Thursday is an architectural series showcasing the work produced by the UCT M.Arch (prof) graduates of 2013. These projects tackle a number of issues in vast contexts spread throughout Cape Town, ranging from diminutive park follies to massive desalination plants. M.Arch theses, on one hand; are infamous for exhibiting ideas that simply serve as provocative visions of infinite…

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Moving from Splintered and Slum Urbanism to Liveable Urbanism

Moving from Splintered and Slum Urbanism to Liveable Urbanism

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By Olamide Udoma 

Lagos should be striving to become a liveable city. The term liveable city is derived from the liveable urbanism model, which has a configuration that reconciles decent livelihoods with ecologically sustainable living. The configurations are determined by levels of financial investment, politically determined roles of the state relative to markets, institutional capacities,…

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Job Opportunities

Organisation: Our Future Cities NPO
Job: Media and Communications Manager – Cape Town, South Africa
When: A fixed term contract of 4 to 6 months,  full time and commencing 1 April

What is Our Future Cities?

Our Future Cities NPO is an independent nonprofit organisation working to build a democracy around the future of cities. Our network is made up of Future Cape Town, which is the founding…

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