BEFORE and AFTER: The Foreshore Convention and Entertainment Precinct as envisioned in 1999.

In 1999, the Western Cape Gambling and Racing Board, awarded the Western Cape casino licence to SunWest International, which undertook to contribute R140-million towards the construction of an international Convention Centre, and a further R35-million towards building a navigable canal linking the convention centre to the V&A Waterfront.

The proposed canal is see in the top right sector of the mode, depicting the Foreshore between Adderley Street and the harbour and the proposed Convention Centre abutting the lanes of the Foreshore freeway.

WATCH: Video fly-through of MoDILA. Cape Town’s Guggenheim?

“Whilst architects have retained their traditional strength of cultural and aesthetic formal considerations, they have lost their numeracy and the ability to demonstrate that architectural intention and performance need not be diametrically opposed concerns, and in a nation which is still largely design illiterate, the price that society pays for ill conceived and overly simplified solutions to the built environment has been the production diminished public environments, and increased isolation of the architect from the public imagination as a trustworthy and responsible practitioner and agent for change.”

The design for MoDILA is a bold, provocative iconic building that serves not only as a building to house works of art and design, but to be a place and space that captures the imagination of citizens. It lends itself to being a contributor to various sectors of our society ranging from tourism to the arts. The building will serve as a catalyst to unleashing the socioeconomic potential of its immediate surroundings and contribute to the forming of a clear relationship and understanding between our country and design.

Watch the video fly-through after the break.

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